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Dear Dr. Craig,

Kenny was born a perfect baby boy. He was average size, content, easy to please, sweet and very calm. Compared to my older daughter, who was always very alert and up to something, Kenny was her opposite, calm and content.

I stayed home with him until he was 3 months old. When I started working again, he started daycare. I was a teacher and they, had a nursery at the school. I could visit him a few times a day. At 4 months I took him for a walk, in the morning. He was looking at his feet, his eyes rolled to the back of his head and his body became rigid and he started convulsing. I took him inside the house where he started foaming at the mouth, was still rigid and kept shaking. This lasted for about 5minutes. I called 911 for help. Paramedics found no fever but proceeded to take him to the hospital for more tests and stayed at Miami Children's hospital. The next day he had another convulsion, about three minutes.

They did all kinds of tests, CAT Scans, spinal fluid tests, MRI, etc. He was diagnosed with epilepsy and he was started on Phenobarbital, twice a day.

Before the convulsions he was doing normal things for his age group. After the convulsions I stayed home with him for 3 weeks when he had another seizure. At the hospital they said the medicine wasn't enough for his weight, so they prescribed 5 mL; he was now 5 ½ -6months old.

Kenny sat up at 8 months and crawled funny at a later age than average. A normal child crawls at 8 months; Kenny mastered it at 12 months. At a year they're supposed to stand up, but again he was delayed. In his first year he didn't walk. I took him to the neurologist desperate for some answers. The doctor said he was probably delayed because of the seizures he'd had at such an early age.

At 2years old he finally started walking and I knew that this was not normal. He knew a few words, like mom, dad, but nothing more. I had another neurological appointment where the doctor repeated that because of the medicine and early age of seizures he was a bit slower than other kids his age. At 15 months they would run hearing and speech evaluations and until then, we should wait.

At 18 months he started becoming lethargic. He no longer wanted to play; he wouldn't look at you, lost eye contact. He used to point at objects and people but now not even that was happening. He would throw temper tantrums without reason, and couldn't sleep. He didn't want to eat, would just stare at the floor. I told the neurologist I wanted to stop the medicine. He disagreed saying that he wasn't sure he wasn't epileptic; I wanted to immediately start lowering the medicine. So without his consent I began to lower the dosage. Kenny went through what I would describe as a withdrawal period. I then started to give him a different diet consisting of more vitamins and natural supplements. I even gave him melatonin for sleep which worked.

I went to a different neurologist who asked for another CAT scan, MRI, and EEG exams. He wanted to see the results before completely ruling out the medicine. They did strobe light tests and nothing happened (an epileptic would instantly go into convulsions if they did that). A hearing exam came back perfect. The doctor said he found nothing wrong and agreed to end medications since the epilepsy wasn't the issue. He thought in his medical opinion that it was PDD a form of autism. He even said that in the future he would need more medication to control him. I wasn't putting him back on any medication so I began researching. I began to see what he would need to improve; things such as: Physical therapy, speech therapy, etc. I then also took him to a doctor that would clean his system from the previous medications, cleanse his liver and what not. He started to get better. He became more alert, didn't have as many tantrums, and actually started to look at me, play a bit more.

He got his MMR vaccine 2 days before his first seizure. I'm almost sure it was the vaccine that caused this. I didn't think about it at first but when I saw the dates on his charts, it was too close. He no longer gets vaccines. In the research I've done all the kids who had received the MMR vaccine at an early age had the seizures within 1 to 2 days. They were also misdiagnosed with epilepsy and by the time they realized it was autism, were already behind.

Since the neurologist couldn't help him I needed someone who specialized in the nervous system. That's when I came into your office.

By the second or third week of adjustment, he was much better. I could definitely see a big difference. His neck before adjustments was only able to go to one side. So he started eating and sleeping better. He started saying momma, hugging, even having eye contact. He also became more social, looking at the kids play, trying to pet puppies and cats. He had more energy, jumping, he even started running, before he would always fall if he tried. His speech also improved, he was more focused and paid more attention. He was even smiling at people, the difference was noticeable. Thought at the same time, he started with other therapies, I know that the biggest contributor to his remarkable progress has been the chiropractic adjustments.

When he first started coming, he wouldn't let Dr. Craig Fisher look at him, touch him much less adjust him. Now he goes to the room by himself to get adjusted. He used to scream and kick and cry before getting an adjustment, but now holds Dr. Craig Fisher's hand and waits to be adjusted.

Now when he wants something he grabs you and shows you what he wants. He's trying to interact more with people. Progress is happening so fast now. He's still a little delayed but getting better. He was always under weight. Now he gained 3lbs in 1month. He's eating asking for food, drinks, and snacks which he would never have done before. Little by little there's improvement in all aspects and Chiropractic is helping him achieve this goal.

With Love,

Maria Lugo